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A step-by-step process about how to effectively describe your products or services

The products and services you sell online or offline can also be called your offer. When you sell a physical product, for example, a wallet, the offer is pretty clear. However, for experts and consultants who sell services, an offer description is more challenging. In this article, we share a step-by-step process about how to describe your products or services. We also talk about how this can impact your business. At, we offer website design services specifically for independent experts & consultants. The design process is focused on creating clarity first by understanding the offer inside out continued with custom website design.

What is an offer

An important part of a business is the product or service that helps to solve problems or fulfill the needs of the customer. You will create a big advantage for yourself when you do this right. We learned that experts who sell a service find it hard to write down what it is they do. Often the description is very detailed and therefore becomes too compressive. As a result, you will lose this sale because it causes confusion for your potential client. We also see that the audience isn’t clear so the potential client can’t identify himself with the solution offered.

The purpose of your offer is to create clarity. Secondly, it has to describe why your service or product is the best choice to achieve their specific needs. Thirdly, in just a few seconds your visitor will know if they are in the right place to solve their needs

So the description of your services and product doesn’t start with you and what you do. It should be about who your audience is, their common needs followed by how you can solve their needs. This is why we strongly recommend our experts at Start Digital to first identify the ideal audience before crafting strong offers.

4 Elements of an effective service description

Once your ideal customer is crystal clear you are ready to describe your offer. Because this process isn’t easy we offer a proposition consult at Start Digital. It’s part of the design process and it helps the experts also to think deeper about their business. We tap into the website goals first, then the ideal audience, followed by crafting your unique value proposition and finally describing a rock-solid offer. You can read about it here but for now, let’s continue with the elements of your offer.

1. What problems are you solving?

This is connected to the pain point of the audience and you want to make sure that your service or product actually solves their problem. We use a desire, problem & solution framework to picture this. See an example below:

Example 1

Desire: ‘I want a website that really shows what I do and my values’

Pain: ‘I bought a subscription on (Wix/Squarespace/WordPress theme) but it doesn’t look good. It’s also taking a lot of my valuable time and I’m not happy with..’

Solution: Hire a specialist that can help you with creating a strong online presenting and invest in someone to build your website that in knowledgeable in website design for experts.

Example 2:

Desire: ‘I want to have a more professional look and create stronger online visibility’

Pain: ‘People can’t find me online and when they do it’s not really clear how I can help them..’

Solution: Create clarity around your brand story and position yourself better so your messages become clear, strong & convincing.

2. What are the benefits?

Typically it’s the solution to their problem. Talk to your ideal customers to find out the problems that they are facing so when they see your page they connect with your offer instantly. Our clients are experts and the benefits of our service are

  • Save time, energy & frustrations with our 3 step design framework specifically built for experts
  • Focus on your clients & business while we design, write and build your website
  • Build a strong online presence that speaks your values
  • Create a marketing foundation & grow faster with

3. How do you deliver the product?

This is the moment of action and basically what your customer buys. For example, a coaching session or retreat. It would be a marketing strategy or an online yoga class. In our case, it’s a website design specifically for experts.

4. What’s the investment?

The first thing that probably comes to mind is the price tag. That’s good thinking but we want to go deeper. You can also think about the time investment for your client and how much do you need from your client to deliver the product or service. For example, a 60-minute coaching session or deliver your website text before the design process.

Often the price you pay is expressed in money but also think about time investment for your client and how much do you need from your client to deliver the product or service. We also want to know the payment methods and other important details.

We cannot emphasize enough how important clarity is. By structuring your offer to follow our framework above we have helped our clients to create a website that speaks that business.

How do you present your offer

Finally, you want to present your offer in the best way possible. We divide this into two types of descriptions. You will have one short service description which is similar to an elevator pitch. It’s short and to the point and only highlights the most important elements. In addition, you will create a complete service description that can be used for example on the service page of your website.

Elevator pitch for experts

Here, you talk about the main problem you are solving, who are you helping, how are you helping them and what is the solution? Finally, you add 2 or 3 main benefits for your audience.

The elevator pitch of Start Digital – Websites for entrepreneurs

We are Start Digital, a website design agency and we help business owners to professionalize their business and attract more clients through website design combining effective positioning strategy, engaging content, and smart design strategies in a 3-step website design framework customized to your business needs.

The complete product description

Even though this is a comprehensive description of your products and service, sticking to the details and stay to the point is really important. You can use the questions of the value proposition to create your offer and present it on the product or services page.

A clear offer creates clarity not only for yourself and your business but also for your potential customers. Sharing your offer on social media or other media attracts your ideal customers who might be even interested in your product or services. Once they land on your website and see the short version of your offer they know that they are in the right place. If your visitor is interested in your offer they will continue reading on your service page and finally purchase what you have to offer.