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Approaching sales without feeling pushy or awkward

The Ladies Growth Meeting is a virtual get-together of amazing women in business who love talking about personal and professional growth. At the meeting, we chat about all kinds of stuff like sales, marketing, and how to boost our growth. In our meetup, on Thursday, July 6th we talked about the challenges of selling and together we offered some super valuable insights on how to approach sales without feeling pushy or awkward. We all shared our experiences and learned from each other because we are always there to offer support and encouragement. We also talked about the importance of building trust with clients and customers and discussed how to make the transition from a friendly chat to a sales pitch. We touched on how being vulnerable can be a really powerful tool for building relationships and growing businesses. Plus, we shared all kinds of tips and tricks for creating awesome content and calls to action that didn’t feel like they were being sleazy salespeople including practical tip show to get better in sales. So if you are a lady who loves to learn and grow, make sure to join the next meeting!

Shifting Mindset from Sales to Offering Value

By shifting the mindset from sales to offering value, entrepreneurs can position themselves as problem-solvers rather than salespeople. This can make it easier to connect with potential customers and offer services that address their specific needs. It also boosts your confidence because you can have more fun without focusing on ‘’hard selling’’.

Building Trust through Content

Another takeaway is the importance of building trust with potential customers through content. By creating content that offers value and showcases expertise, entrepreneurs can establish themselves as credible and trustworthy. This can make it easier to sell services and products on social media and also on the call.

Recording and Critiquing Sales Calls

Recording and critiquing sales calls can be a helpful exercise for entrepreneurs looking to improve their sales skills. By reviewing past sales calls and getting feedback, entrepreneurs can identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to future calls. You can do this on your own or hire a sales expert or mentor to see where you can improve.

Storytelling as a Sales Strategy

Storytelling can be an effective sales strategy for entrepreneurs. By involving potential customers into their brand and community, entrepreneurs can create a more engaging and personalized sales experience that doesn’t feel like someone is being sold to.

Softening the Sales Pitch

Entrepreneurs can make the sales process more comfortable for both themselves and potential customers by softening the sales pitch. By positioning sales calls as ‘’connect or discovery calls’’ and focusing on problem-solving rather than selling, entrepreneurs can create a more relaxed and natural sales environment. During those calls you are not just focusing if you are right for them but if they are right for your brand and business. It’s like a two-way street interview and where you both will decide if this is the right fit for you.

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